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We provide services for increasing website visibility

Improving 'natural' visibility with Google search (Google optimisation, i.e., SEO)

We optimise websites for search engines

We make your website easier to find with Google search by implementing Google optimisation services (SEO). In carrying out search engine optimisation (SEO) services, we seek to maintain a long-term position of high visibility for your website. We do not perform any misleading actions that might have a negative effect on the position of your website in the future.

We analyse the structure, source code and content of your website in order to identify and perform necessary changes

Our SEO services include adjusting and improving your website's source code and structure. Having identified the weak points of your content, we adjust your texts and product/service descriptions and, if necessary, we improve the way information is presented on your website.

SEO services:

  • website evaluation according to SEO criteria
  • key word analysis and selection for SEO
  • optimisation of web content
  • implementation of technical SEO work
  • monitoring, analysis and reporting of SEO results

Before we begin our work, we present you with a detailed plan including the methods we will use to strengthen your website. We will explain the principles we operate with in detail and leave it to you to select the option that best suits your needs.

We will constantly monitor SEO results and make additional adjustments, if necessary.

You will be able to monitor your web traffic and your company's position through the reports that we provide on a routine basis, at a frequency prearranged with you. Results will be assessed and necessary adjustments will be made.

Paid advertising campaigns with Google search

We help you take advantage of paid Google positions

Google provides users with the opportunity to buy advertising positions (as indicated in the illustration). We can prepare and efficiently manage these advertising campaigns.

We will choose key words according to your company's profile and form various combinations of key words that will help spread your message to the widest possible online viewership

We create and manage Google Adwords advertising campaigns according to the product or service you wish to promote by implementing the following steps:

  • Identifying key words according to the most frequently occurring online search phrases.
  • Creating advertising texts for your products and/or services.
  • Optimising advertising costs.
  • Monitoring results and adjusting your advertising campaign.
  • Combining Google Adwords and Google Analytics (a free web traffic monitoring system).
  • Effectively using the budget you have allocated for online advertising.

We evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and substitute ineffective key words as well as advertising text with others.

Controlling your Google advertising budget

We monitor your Google advertising positions as well as clicks and optimise your advertising costs in order to produce the most effective results with the budget you have. We will also provide you with routine advertising reports detailing how much money was spent, which key words attracted the most visitors to your website and so on.

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