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Website maintenance services
Everything including content uploading, regular consulting, content development and other services that you might need. Every client is assigned a responsible manager, whose job will be to react quickly to your needs.
Web hosting services
we can host the website we have designed for your company on our server. You will not need to worry about acquiring a server with the right technical requirements on your own and this will allow you to cut costs for transferring the website to another server.
Training services (CMS)
We teach employees how to work with our content management system (CMS), providing employees with a detailed introduction to the CMS, information exchange opportunities and other functions. Upon request, we can prepare a digital training course and/or give a live presentation.
Cooperation with translation agencies
We will recommend a translation agency for translating your Lithuanian content (or content in another language) into a foreign language.
Cooperation with photographers
We can recommend the services of reliable photographers if you need to prepare any professional photographs for your website.
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